Cat Beds & Crates


Best Cat Beds & Crates Collection: Unique, Designer Pet Products for Cats

Pets sleep a lot more than humans and cats need around 12-16 hours of sleep a day. Disrupted sleep cycles can take a toll on your pet’s health. Luckily, you don’t have to lull your kitty to sleep, just give them a cosy spot to curl up in and they’ll take it from there. This is where a comfy cat bed comes into the picture.

Cat beds are generally designed to be enclosed and resemble a cubby or a cave. Cats feel safe and secure within covered spaces and like to sleep curled up in a ball. This is why a cat tent bed is quite popular with kitties.

Once you buy a bed, make a note of where your kitty likes sleeping – is it on the broad window sill? Or that spot on the bookshelf? Typically, they choose somewhere out of the way and quiet. Place the bed you’ve bought in such a spot. If your cat is unsure about using the bed, tempt them to test it out with a couple of treats or by sprinkling it with catnip. It is also useful to note that cats naturally choose elevated places to sleep so that they are able to survey their entire environment/room from their perch.

Cat crates are necessary for them to travel safely or to even be transported from one place to another. Visits to the vet or to a pet sitter’s house can be carried out safely from within a secure cat crate. Cats are quite nervous in new places and they will feel safer inside their crates. Remember to get a crate that is large enough for your cat to stand comfortably, turn around in and to sleep in. Talk to an animal behaviorist about crate training for cats.