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Best Cat Litter: Tofu, Clumping Cat Litter from Top Brands

Cat Litter is essential for households with cats and there are so many varieties to choose from depending on what your cat likes. Scented cat litter, clumping clay cat litter and eco-friendly tofu cat litter are just a few variants. Cats can be quite particular about their litter so if you’re switching from one to another be sure to do it gradually.

Dust-free and clumping cat litter are very popular. Clumping cat litter makes daily cleaning much easier as you just have to scoop up the clumps. You may be tempted to use scented cat litter but you should try a bit to see if your cat minds it first. Some cats don’t like the scent and will avoid using the litter tray to get away from the scent.

Using the right accessories can make cleaning up after your cat much easier. Cats are quite fastidious and like their litter trays to be clean.  In the event that they are not, some cats show their displeasure by choosing to do their business elsewhere. This is why cat parents empty all the litter in the tray at least once a week.

Cats don’t like sharing their litter trays so if you have more than one cat at home then it makes sense to have more than one cat litter tray. Place them in spots that are quiet and have minimum footfall but that are not so out of the way that they could be inaccessible. Avoid placing them near washing machines or dryers or any machine that makes loud noises as this could startle them.

Cat litter can be bought for the entire month or for a few months together. These big bags can be stored and under your stairs or in your garage.

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