Cat Stain & Odour Control

Buy Best Cat Stain and Odour Remover Online from top brands like Bramton, Petkin, Pet Head, Reliq and more at HUFT to neutralize cat odor...

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Reliq Lavender Odour Eliminator For Dogs And Cats
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Reliq dog and cat odour eliminator - The Lavender scent soothes while eliminating odours on a dogs coat through cutting edge photo catalytic science. We developed this advanced mineral based solution that's safe, natural and soothing for your dog. This...

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Pet Head Crazy Cat Lady Litter Box Room Fragrance - Strawberry Lemonade - 175 ml
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Crazy Cat Lady Litter Box Room Fragrance is designed to deodorize litter box smells with a Strawberry Orange Lemonade scent. Simply spray twice daily to freshen the air! Pet Head formulas are pH adjusted and do not contain parabens, petroleum...

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Bramton Simple Solution Cat Litter Odour Eliminator - 500 ml
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The pro-bacteria formula in this spray removes odour-causing residue and eliminates litter box odours completely. It works by neutralising the smells instead of just covering them up. This solution contains natural bergamot oil, lemon grass and orange that leaves a...

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Bramton Simple Solution Multi-Surface Pet Stain & Odour Cleaner Spray - 750 ml
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Say bye to stubborn pet stains with Simple Solution Multi-Surface Stain & Odour Cleaner Spray for Pets. This multi-surface cleaner is crafted with a special oxy formula to help remove tough stains such as urine, feces, or vomit. It’s designed...

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Cat Stain & Odour Control: Spray, Deodorizer & Odor Eliminator Products

Both cats and cat parents like to keep the litter tray area neat and hygienic. These products from brands like Hero Pet Brands and Petkin help you to do just this. The cat litter deodorizer contributes to covering up any unpleasant smells. Cat stain and odour remover solutions are generally used when you’re cleaning out the litter tray. These solutions leave your cat’s litter tray spick and span, removing all trace of spots and stains!

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