Schesir offers a nutritious range of hydrating and drool-worthy wet cat food and wet dog food, in chicken, fish and meat options. Schesir pet food’s high 12% protein content is made up of handpicked, human-grade meat and fish chunks that are steam-cooked to lock in the nutrients.

It’s also 100% natural and gluten-free, making it the perfect complementary meal for the fussiest pets!


Handpicked human-grade meat
& Fish Chunks

Steamed Cooked &

Only Cruelty-Free Sea Water Fish
and Hormone Free Chicken

12% Protein Content

100% Natural

  • Zero Colouring &

  • Originated in

  • Gluten & grain


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From Our Hands To Yours

For Cats

Get your fussy cat to balance their hydration levels with Schesir wet cat food’s natural gravy enriched with tapioca starch


For Dogs

Expand your dog’s palate and increase hydration with Schesir wet dog food’s nutritious steamed-cooked human-grade ingredients


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I feed my cat wet food?

    Some cats are fussy by nature and do not drink sufficient water. Feeding wet cat food can ensure you fulfill their daily hydration requirements and also provide them with the nutrients they need and deserve.

  • How is Schesir Wet Dog Food prepared?

    Schesir Wet Dog Food is hand-processed and steam cooked to guarantee preservation of all nutrients. It is then sterilised for conservation and security.

  • How to store Schesir wet cat food after opening it?

    Cover up the leftovers and store it in the refrigerator. Consume it within 48 hours after opening, as instructed in the packaging.

  • What kind of Tuna is used in preparing Schesir Wet Cat Food?

    Schesir cares about environmental sustainability and hence, uses only mature and already over-exploited tuna species.

  • What does ‘Sea Water Fish’ mean?

    ‘Sea water fish’ means that the fish used in preparing Schesir Wet Food are not sourced from farms but caught in open seas to ensure top-quality nutrients for your pet.

  • Is Schesir a complete meal?

    Schesir’s wet food tasty options are not a complete meal in itself but complements all of your pet’s daily home-made meals or kibble.


Great Ingredients

The ingredients are comprehensive and when the food is dished out, you can see the tuna and the salmon with plenty of gravy.

Farhana, New Delhi

Yummy and Hydrating

Wish I could taste it to know what makes my cats love this so much! The flavour makes my cat happy and its adequate water content makes me happy!

Divya, Mumbai

Superb Quality

My cat just laps it up (and he is a fussy eater!)

Farhan, Lucknow

No-Fuss Wet Food

My dog absolutely loved it. Best part is that it does not have too many confusing ingredients. A good nutritious wet food for dogs!

Jaya, Jaipur

Nutritious Kitten Food

Unlike a lot of other brands, you can see the pieces of fish. So you know that meat parts are being served and the kitties know it too!

Sheetal, New Delhi

HUFT is My Go-to Store

My cats absolutely LOVE Schesir Tuna canned food. Thankful to HUFT for standing by pet parents like me through the pandemic and continuing to stock outstanding products!

Santosh, Bangalore


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