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Buy Online Canine Craving Dehydrated Dry Dog Treats, Natural Chews & Bones made from best quality dehydrated meats, pork, buffalo, fi...

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Canine Craving Dehydrated Grass-Fed Lamb Tripe Dog Treat - 50 g

Nutrient-rich & preservative-free

Availability: 36 in stock

₹ 799.00

Canine Craving Dehydrated Lamb Trotter Dog Treat - 1 Pcs - 50 g

Nutrient-rich & preservative-free

Availability: 23 in stock

₹ 299.00

Canine Craving Dehydrated Sardines Dog Treat - 100 g

Nutrient-rich & preservative-free

Availability: 21 in stock

₹ 799.00

Canine Craving Duck Chew - Whole Leg & Feet Dog Treat - 1 Pc - 100 g

Dehydrated, nutrient-rich & preservative-free

Availability: 29 in stock

₹ 599.00

Canine Craving Duck Treats - Boneless Chunks Dog Chew Treat - 60 g

Dehydrated, low carb & supports dental health

Availability: 13 in stock

₹ 799.00

Canine Craving Dehydrated Fish Mackerel Dog Treat - 60 g

Nutrient-rich & preservative-free

Availability: 36 in stock

₹ 799.00

Availability: 34 in stock

₹ 699.00

Canine Craving: 100% Grain-free Dehydrated Dog Treats, Chews

Canine Craving is a local, Bangalore-based brand that was founded by pet parents. Swagata and Sundeep wanted to provide their pets (Cassius and Bailey) and others with species-appropriate, nutritious chews. Their research revealed the questionable nature of commercial dog chews and treats so they were determined to do better with Canine Craving chews.

At Canine Craving, they use ingredients that are not just Human Grade but those that are also suited to canine gastronomy. The treats are low carb and completely grain-free so your pet isn’t just getting a treat but a nutritious treat that will contribute to their well-being.

The icing on top of this is that these Canine Craving treats and chews are naturally delicious and tempting for your dogs. The range that Canine Craving offers includes dehydrated dog treats and dehydrated dog chews. Their dried dog treats or dehydrated dog bones contain absolutely no additives for flavoring or preservation. So, what you see is what you get.

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