Cat Collars


Best Cat Collars Collection: Colorful, Tick & Flea Collars for Cats & Kittens

Cat collars play an important role as a safety measure. You can put your details on a little tag and fix it to the collar. So, even if your pet wanders away by accident someone will be able to reunite you. Your cat may be resistant to a collar at first but you can distract him or her with a treat or start a game after you slip it on. He or she will soon forget about the collar.

You can get them used to it from a young age, however, it is very important to remember that you have to adjust or replace collars as your kitten grows. And kittens grow very quickly so you should check the fit almost daily. You can do this by trying to slip 2-3 fingers under the collar while your pet is wearing it. If you can do it comfortably, then the collar is not too tight. Older cats lose weight as they age and this may render the collar too loose, this is also important to note so you can adjust it to prevent it from slipping off.

To dress the collar up a bit for special occasions, you can slip one of our detachable bow ties on them. We strongly recommend pet parental supervision when pets wear collars and accessories.

The Trixie cat collar has a reflective strip in the middle so it alerts people to the cat’s presence even in low light conditions. Remember that all collars need to be cleaned routinely as they do pick up daily dirt and grime. For the times when your cat is recovering from an injury, there are Elizabethan collars or E-Collars for cats as well.