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HUFT Anti Spill Food Mat for Pets - Bone
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The HUFT Silicone Feeding Mat is designed to keep your pet's bowl in place as he or she devours a meal. It can also catch the little bits of food that may fall out during dinner. All you have to...

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HUFT Anti Spill Food Mat for Pets - Rectangle
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Designed to stay put, the HUFT Silicone Feeding Mat is ideal for pets who are overenthusiastic about dinner. Placing your pets food bowl on this mat prevents the bowl from moving during the meal. It can also keep the floor...

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Feeding Mats For Pets: Waterproof, Safe & Hygienic

We all know that one doggie who is super enthusiastic about every meal. These pet food mats are just what his or her pet parent needs! Made of silicone rubber, they help the food bowl stay put and also catch any bits of food that fall out of the bowl during meals. It also works well underwater bowls as it can catch the water that splashes out every time your doggie takes a drink of water.

Simple to keep clean, these dog food mats can be washed by hand as required. You can use a mild soap if necessary. Once cleaned, these silicone mats are quick to dry. Choose between a bone-shaped dog food mat or a lovely, cheerful pink mat.

Silicone feeding mats are waterproof so your floor is not stained or marked by any food bits. With cloth feeding mats, the dampness from spilled water or food could potentially result in mold. This is why it is important to have waterproof feeding mats for safety and hygiene.

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