Dog Party Accessories


Dog Party Accessories: Give Your Dogs & Puppies a Dapper Look

If you thought your dog just couldn’t get any cuter try slipping a party accessory on them! These adorable collars and inserts are just what your pet needs to get ready for a special gathering or birthday party!

Just as all our other accessories are, these Dog Party Accessories are made keeping in mind the best interests of your dog. They are hassle-free, comfortable and super easy to slip on and off.

Dog Birthday Accessories are excellent as a gift for another dog as well. The adorable HUFT Elf party collar for dogs is ideal for Christmas parties and for Valentine’s Day the Lovebug Party collar is perfect! You also have the HUFT Lady in Red doggie clips and the HUFT Heart collar insert when love is in the air.

HUFT party collars sit comfortably around your pet’s neck and feel just like their usual collar does. This makes them ideal accessories and we always recommend that your pet wear clothes/accessories only under pet parent supervision.