Dog Towels & Wipes


Dog Towels & Wipes Collection: Earwipes, Itch Wipes, Tooth Wipes & More

We love watching our ‘dogs be dogs’ frolicking in the park and a common side effect of a happy day out is a trail of muddy paw prints in the house. Yes, it’s totally worth it but there is a way to prevent the mess.

Just keep a box of pet wipes for dogs in your car or at the door of your house, so you can wipe off whatever your pet has picked up from the park or from walks. You can also use these to wipe away daily dirt on the coat.

If your puppy is a mess but not old enough to have a bath yet, puppy wipes are a great alternative. Pet wipes are gentle on your pet so they clean without drying the skin and coat.

Ear wipes and Eye wipes are excellent to keep your pet’s face and ears clean between grooms. Petkin even offers Tushie wipes, if your pet needs them.

Microfibre towels are another super handy addition to your pet’s grooming supply box. They absorb water from the coat almost instantly and can be used to wipe dry a damp coat after a walk on a rainy day or after a bath at home. Microfibre fabric dries three times faster than cotton and so, it can be wrung out and re-used nearly instantly.

Home grooming routines can be interrupted by bad weather or a busy schedule and dog spas are the best way to get them back on track. With professional equipment and specially trained dog groomers you can be sure that your pets are in good hands.