HUFT Yakies Chew Bone - Large
₹ 199.20

₹ 249.00

HUFT YIMT Dog Biscuits Combo - Vegetarian
₹ 584.00

₹ 796.00 ₹ 730.00

Happi Doggy Combo (Pack of 6)
₹ 1,832.00

₹ 2,694.00 ₹ 2,290.00

Happi Doggy Singles Combo (Pack of 6)
₹ 296.00

₹ 390.00 ₹ 370.00

HUFT Specials: Exclusive Products for Pets & Pet Lovers

One of the best parts of our working lives is being able to meet and connect with people who are just as nuts about pets as we are. Being pet parents ourselves, we know exactly what it’s like to have a four-legged shadow appear every time you pick up a snack or to be pushed to a corner of your own bed by the dog who thinks he’s ‘cuddling.’

We know what it’s like love your pets so much that your routines revolve around them and one of our favorite activities is to come up with products that express this love for our pet companions. Take a look at our dog wall art to see if you find yourself nodding in agreement with one of those quotes.

Do you make a shopping list for your pet before you make one for yourself? Same! Our companions have to have the best of everything from good food and dog biscuits right down to snout butter for dogs so those noses remain as shiny as ever! In this collection, you’ll find everything you think you should have as an ardent pet person!

Heads Up For Tails was set up over a decade ago with the sole aim of making the world a better place for our urban animal companions. Today, we have a vast collection of products that meet pet and pet parent needs which have gone unnoticed for too long. You can take your pick from adorable and tasteful doggy décor, Christmas stockings for that special furry in your life, pretty doggy stationery, organic pet grooming essentials and so on.

Our products help you include your pets in nearly every aspect of your life so, you can celebrate both the big and the little moments with your most loving and loyal companion.