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Isle of Dogs Everyday Silky Coating Dog Shampoo - Jasmine + Vanilla - 500 ml

Softening, cleansing, hydrating & fragrant

Availability: 143 in stock


Availability: 83 in stock


Isle of Dogs Replascent Odour Neutralizing Spray for Dogs- Violet + Sea Mist - 237 ml

Fragrant, chemical-free, cruelty-free & easy to use

Availability: 140 in stock


Isle of Dogs Replascent Odour Neutralizing Spray - Sugarcane + Grapefruit - 237 ml

Fragrant, chemical-free, cruelty-free & easy to use

Availability: 208 in stock


Isle of Dogs Replascent Odour Neutralizing Spray - Red Berries + Champagne - 237 ml

Safe, easy to use & good alternative to chemical perfumes

Availability: 38 in stock


Availability: 43 in stock

473 ml
3.8 l

Isle of Dogs Keratin Volumizing Shampoo For Dogs Sulfate & Paraben Free

Gentle, rich, volumizing dog shampoo

Availability: 23 in stock

473 ml
3.8 l

Availability: 9 in stock

1 L
3.8 l

Isle of Dogs Everyday Lush Coating Dog Conditioner - Violet + Sea Mist - 500 ml

Protein-based, moisturising & easy to use

Availability: 148 in stock


Availability: 122 in stock


Isle of Dogs Everyday Lush Coating Dog Shampoo - Violet + Sea Mist - 500 ml

Volumising, cleansing, fragrant & helps with atopic or allergic conditions

Availability: 98 in stock


Isle Of Dogs White Coat Dog Shampoo With Primrose Oil - 1 Gallon (3.8 liters)

Dye-free, bleaching agent-free, maintains moisture balance & shining coat

Availability: 2 in stock


Isle of Dogs: Premium Dog Grooming Products

Isle of Dogs was founded by Becky Rao and inspired by the needs of a West Highland White terrier called Lucy. Lucy had a skin problem that baffled her vets and she lost most of her fur to it. A local dog groomer called David Grimes began using a concoction he put together himself on Lucy’s fur and in five weeks, her lovely fur had grown back to its usual state. This incredible transformation is what prompted Becky to deep dive into grooming products for dogs. Soon, the first Isle of Dogs shampoo was created based on research and understanding of what a dog’s fur and skin need.

Isle of Dogs shampoo and conditioner formulas include the finest ingredients. Each product is designed to promote healthy fur.  The Coco Clean dog shampoo and the Isle of Dogs Silky Oatmeal Conditioner with the Isle of Dogs Everyday shampoo are some of its most popular products. This brand is committed to producing grooming products that promote the well-being of dogs of all ages and even offer an Isle of Dogs Tearless puppy shampoo so your little one has a pleasant introduction to bath time. For groomers or households with large packs, the Isle of Dogs shampoo gallon comes in handy.

Here’s a deeper dive into the product range offered by Isle Of Dogs:

  • Everyday Essentials: Customised to care for your dog’s coat type, breed and skin issues and have the desired style you’ve always dreamt of!
  • Premium Salon Essentials: Bring home your ‘A’ game to dog grooming for long-lasting smooth salon finish at home
  • Replascents: Odour neutralising sprays that replace all the unpleasant scents.


  • Is Isle Of Dogs a good brand?
  • Isle Of Dogs is a great brand made in the U.S.A. that has a little something for every dog, parent and groomer. With it’s focus on external beauty and inner strength, each Isle Of Dogs Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to suit every dog’s coat type, breed and skin issues that leaves behind a silky smooth finish. The odour neutralising sprays traps all bad odour and leaves your dog with the most delicious smell! 

  • Can you use Isle of Dogs shampoo on cats?
  • All Isle Of Dogs shampoos are made of royal jelly, primrose oil and eau de cologne that are designed especially for your dog’s coat type, breed, and skin issues. Unless specified, it’s advised not to use your dog shampoo on cats since both pets have different grooming needs. A shampoo meant for dogs might react badly on your cat, especially if they’re allergic to some ingredient used to make the shampoo. Always consider your pet’s individual needs before using any product on them. 

  • Can I use Isle Of Dogs shampoo on my puppy?
  • Isle Of Dogs has something for each dog, no matter what their age. With signature cotton and fresh orchid scent, Isle Of Dogs Tearless Puppy Shampoo is free of sulphate and paraben, made with a gentle, tearless formula. It is designed to keep your puppy’s delicate skin and coat healthy, clean and smelling fresh while shielding their sensitive eyes away from the irritation caused by other shampoos. 

    You can use it with Isle Of Dogs Silky Oatmeal Conditioner or Isle Of Dogs Keratin Volume Conditioner, depending on the desired coat results.

  • Does Isle Of Dogs shampoo help dogs with itchy skin?
  • “Rehab for Coats” or Isle of Dogs Dry/Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo with Triple Strength Primrose Oil is the richest, most concentrated treatment that the Isle of Dogs offers and the best you can get for your dog who suffers from itchy, flaky or dry skin. It is designed to nourish your dog's coat and skin while restoring healthy, natural beauty to the hair. 

    How does it happen? The shampoo infuses the coat with a substantially higher therapeutic dose of cold-pressed Evening Primrose Oil than any product on the market. Evening Primrose Oil is rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid, which has been identified as the most important Essential Fatty Acid in balancing prostaglandins (regulatory molecules that influence inflammation) in dogs with atopic and allergic conditions.

  • Is Oatmeal Shampoo good for dogs?
  • Isle of Dog Silky Oatmeal Shampoo For Dogs is Sulfate & Paraben Free making it a great shampoo for dogs. The key ingredient oatmeal is essentially oats, a great source of high protein for dogs that also have anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. They are also rich in silicon, which helps to make their bones strong. Moreover, the high amounts of soluble fiber helps keep the cholesterol low!

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