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KONG - Because … Pets Need to Play!

Every Pet’s favorite Toy Company, KONG was started way back in 1970 by a pet parent called Joe Markham. Joe’s dog Fritz had quite a destructive chewing habit. Fritz never found a chew that satisfied (or survived) him until that one day when he started playing with a rubber suspension bit fallen from a bus that Joe was fixing. 

Fritz loved the tough snowman-shaped rubber bit and Joe took this idea to develop the first KONG toy. The iconic snowman shape is now synonymous with the KONG Classic. KONG dog toys are made with natural rubber and known for their durability.

A Playmate for Life

Dogs love to chew and this is completely natural for them. Not only does it relax them but it also exercises and strengthens their jaws. The toys are also used to facilitate mental stimulation and can be presented as puzzles to dogs with kibble or treats inside. 

No matter what your dogs’ ages are, you can buy Kong toys online to keep them happy. The Kong Puppy, Kong Squeaker and Kong Stick are some of their most popular toys.

A Variety of Uses

KONG toys can be used for a variety of purposes including mental enrichment, slow feeding, fetch toys, squeaker toys, puzzle toys and, of course, chew toys. You can pick between the different levels of toys based on your pet’s chewing style. 

Do you have a new pup who is a ‘teething chewer’? Or a senior doggie who needs toys to suit the needs of an ‘aging chewer’? 

Some breeds fall under the ‘average chewer’ category while others, under ‘power chewers.’ The toys for each chewing style are made with different levels of durability. 

Another important factor to keep in mind is the size of the toy for your dog. If you choose a Kong doggie toy that is too small for your big dog, you will be handing him a choking hazard. But if it’s too big for your dog, he or she may not be able to enjoy it. Use the size guide to pick the right sized toy for your dog.

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