Personalised Bow Tie


Personalised Bow Tie for Dogs & Puppies

If you thought that your pet couldn’t look any cuter, you haven’t tried dressing them in one of our bow ties! We have a very wide collection that includes printed bow ties, festive bow ties and really special custom bow ties that can be personalised for your dog.

A personalised bow tie takes things to a whole new level of adorable as they have your pet’s initials monogrammed on them! These bow ties are made keeping your pet’s needs in mind so they are not cumbersome in any way.

A cool detachable design allows the bow tie to be slipped directly on to your pet’s collar. So your furry doesn’t have an additional strap to wear. This makes it possible for this accessory to be worn on a regular basis without bothering your pet one bit. We take care to choose fabrics that are easy to maintain and light to wear. These also make for excellent gifts to friends or family who are head-over-heels for their pets.