Personalised Diners


HUFT Customised Diners for Dogs & Puppies

Diners raise your pet’s bowls so they are easier to reach than bowls placed directly on the ground. This is especially popular with senior dogs who may have trouble bending over so much. Sturdy wooden dimers hold long-lasting and removable stainless steel bowls. The bowls can be removed and cleaned as and when required. 

Diners also mean that it’s less likely that dogs will drip water on to the floor after drinking their fill because the sides of the diner are likely to catch this. This means that it is also less likely that they spill food on the floor. This small move does contribute to creating a cleaner dining environment for both of you.

Being elevated, these Personalised dog diners make it easier for pet parents who have difficulty bending over as well. You can keep your pet’s bowl filled with water and serve food more conveniently.

These diners are available in a wide range of sizes (Small to XL) so these will work for breeds of all sizes.

Beyond their functionality, Customised dog diners take things a little further to make it all the more special. Each diner has a nameplate is fixed on so you can have your pet’s displayed clearly. It fits in perfectly in your pet’s corner of the house and lets everyone know that they should keep their paws off!