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GiGwi Plush Friendz Dog Toy with Refillable Squeaker - Dog - Grey/Red

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₹ 385.00

Dogs love plush toys because their scent lingers on it, making them come back for more. This plush dog toy has a hidden squeak and an extra replaceable squeaker to add to the fun. To make it more fun for you too, the squeaker can be removed if the squeaking gets too much! Soft and cuddly, your dog will love having this to chew on, cuddle with or to just mess about with.

  • Product Type: Plush toy for dogs
  • Made with non-toxic material
  • With refillable squeaker
  • We always recommend supervised play
  • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage
  • Please buy size appropriate toys for your pet
  • Please buy size appropriate toys for your pet

HUFT Tip: Dogs have different characters and enjoy different things for play time. Get your dog something they will enjoy playing with. Active dogs will love outdoor toys, whereas as a lap dog would probably prefer something to cuddle up with.