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Royal Canin Pug Adult Dog Food (Available in Multiple Sizes)

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Royal Canin
₹ 630.00
₹ 630.00

Royal Canin Pug Adult dog food is designed for the very special needs of your adult pug. This dry food formula is designed with unique 'cloverleaf' shaped kibble which makes it easy for pugs to pick them up. This is important as their thick lips and short, square muzzles make it very hard for them to pick up conventional kibble.

Dry food for dogs
Suitable for adult pugs over 10 months of age
Promotes healthy skin
Special cloverleaf shaped kibble for pugs
Supports digestive health
Supports bone and joint development
Protein content - 29%
Consult a vet before altering your pet's diet
Always have fresh water available for your pet
Never feed above recommended quantities unless prescribed by a vet

HUFT Tip:Pugs have a tendency to wolf down their food which can lead to choking, indigestion or even vomiting. Investing in slow feeders and raised bowls will help to reduce the speed at which they eat and aid the digestion process.

Feeding Guide:
Feeding requirements will vary based on your pet's level of activity, environment and age.