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Savic Andes 7 - Pet Carrier - 39x27x32 in

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Comfortable for your dog and convenient for you, the Savic Andes 7 pet carrier is well-designed. Three chrome vents and the grid metal door in front allows air circulation. The wheels at the bottom let you guide the carrier along instead of carrying it. The top and bottom sit in place thanks to self-locking catches and a security blocking system. Wing nut fasteners secure the design. This pet carrier is designed in line with IATA standards (even with the wheels). It can hold up to 45 kg and is suitable for train, road, water and air travel. There is even a squeeze latch feeding bowl to hold your pet's treats!

  • Product type: Pet carrier
  • Has four wheels
  • Holds up to 45 kg
  • Secured with wing nut fasteners, self-locking catches and a security blocking system
  • Chrome vents on three sides for air circulation
  • Dimensions - 39x27x32 inches
  • Includes a squeeze latch feeding bowl
  • Suitable for air, train, water and road travel
  • Make sure that your pet can sit, lie down, stand and turn around comfortably within
  • Check with your transporter or airline to ensure that it meets their specifications

HUFT Tip: Well before your pet's journey, take your dog for a check-up. Make sure that your pet is fit enough to take on the journey and speak to the vet about anything you can do to make your pooch more comfortable.