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Savic Dog Barrier Door

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₹ 7,850.00
₹ 7,850.00

Sometimes, it is necessary to restrict your pet's entry to certain parts of your home. Perhaps it is the kitchen, where an unruly pet can cause havoc. Or maybe you just need your pet to stop chasing the broom while you are cleaning up. The Savic dog barrier comes in handy in these situations.

It is simple to set up between doorways and does not require you to drill in any permanent holes in the woodwork or walls. If your doorway is slightly wider than the barrier, extensions of specific sizes are also available.

Indoor use only
Adjustable to fit openings between 75 and 84 cm
Not to be used across windows
Recommended for dogs not for children
Can trap small hands if not careful
Extensions available separately (max 4 per gate)
Drilling not required

Using the Gate:Press button, lift lever and raise the door. To close it, align the handle with the frame and lower the level until it locks into place.

Precautions and Safety:
A swinging gate can trap small hands
Daily check is recommended
Should not be climbed over
Do not remove safety instructions
Incorrect fitting or positioning of this safety barrier can be dangerous
Do not use the safety barrier if any components are damaged or missing
Carry out installation away from pets and children