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Organic Pet Products & Pet Supplies at Heads Up For Tails

Our organic and natural range was conceptualized to give pet parents alternative options to conventional grooming and daily care pet products. No two pets are exactly alike and several of them have conditions that call for specialized products. We began formulating these organic products in order to give our customers more options. Today, we have introduced quite a few organic dog products to our shelves under the HUFT label.

The HUFT Snout Butter is made with an all-natural recipe and organic ingredients like cold-pressed coconut oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E oil. This helps to soften crusty noses and hydrates the skin around the nose. Old age or weather conditions often cause this area to get quite rough and cracked. Snout butter works to counter these developments.

Paw Balm is a similar solution for dry paws. A soft balm applied regularly to your pet’s paws helps restore cracked (and often painful) paw pads to their healthy state.

An essential throughout the year (especially if your pet loves walks in the park and playing in the garden) is the HUFT Tick and Flea Repellent. Just spray it on your pet’s coat (particularly on the legs and underbelly) before you set out on your adventure and it will discourage ticks and fleas from jumping on to your dog. This formula harnesses the natural insect-repelling properties of lemongrass and eucalyptus, among others. It even keeps mosquitoes at bay!

The HUFT Calming Mist is great for occasions that are stressful to your dog. This includes trips to the vet and occasions like Diwali or New Year when humans are likely to light crackers. Lavender is naturally calming to both pets and people. All you have to do is spray it around the house and on your dog’s bedding or in the car before the event to help soothe your pet.