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Bayer Megaflex Supplement for Cats and Dogs - 250 gms

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Formulated with a special balance of nutrients, this feed supplement aims to help those animals who find it difficult to walk. It is best suited for senior pets whose cartilage, tendons and ligaments have been subjected to much use. Young animals who need their joints strengthened and show animals who have had extreme strain as a result of competitions. It is also prescribed as a supplement for those animal who have had operations on their muscles and joints.

  • Product type: Joint supplements for pets
  • To be given only on a vet's recommendation (esp. with regard to dosage)
  • Daily supplement in specific measurements
  • Not for human use
  • Not for medicinal use


Vegetable oils and ancillary vegetable products


  • Crude ash 3.5%
  • Crude fat 2.1 %
  • Crude fibre <0.4%
  • Crude Protein 9.9 %

Additives Per Kg:

Vitamin E 10.000 mg

  • Willow bark contains salicin which is converted to salicylic acid
  • Stinging nettle leaves are used in a supportive function against rheumatic complaints
  • New Zealand green lipped mussel perna canaliculus) contains GAG's (glycosaminoglycans such as glucosamine and chondroitin-4-6-sulphate) and other cartilage protection factors in high concentration.
  • Devil's Claw is used as supportive therapy against degenerative ailments of the locomotor apparatus
  • Special vegetable and fish oils have a high concentration of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which support the endogenous regulation of the inflammatory process
  • Vitamin E protects joints and cartilages against free radicals


This can be added to your pet's food. The recommendations given below are from the brand, please check with your vet before administering it to your pet.

Dogs (According to Their Bodyweight)

  • Up to 10 Kg - 4 grams daily
  • 10 - 20 Kg - 6 grams daily
  • Above 20 Kg - 8 grams daily

Cats (According to Their Bodyweight)

  • Up to 5 Kg - 2 grams daily
  • Above 5 Kg - 4 grams daily

HUFT Tip: As pets turn senior, climbing up and jumping down from high surfaces becomes more difficult and puts extra pressure on their joints. To prevent this, use portable ramps to help them get down from the car etc.