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Virbac Ketochlor Pet Shampoo - 200 ml

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₹ 300.00
₹ 300.00

It is generally used on direction of a veterinarian and has anti-adhesive and anti-irritant properties. Rinse it well after application.

  • 200 ml
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Combats fungal and bacterial dermatitis
  • Anti-adhesive and anti-irritant properties
  • Keep away from sensitive areas like the eyes and the ears
  • To be used on direction of a vet
Directions for use: Wet the coat with warm water, apply shampoo and make a rich lather. Massge it into the coat and let it remain for 5-10 minutes. Rinse it out well with warm, clean water and repeat if necessary. Use as directed by a vet.
Ketochonazol IP - 1.0 % w/w
Chlorhexidine Gluconate Soluttion IP Equivalentto Chlorhexidine Gluconate - 2.1 % w/w

HUFT Tip: Dogs tend to pick up most of infections and parasites on walks. Prepare a little tub of water with a small dose of Ketochlor mixed in. Soak your pet's paws in for a minute or two and rinse them off. Dry thoroughly after. This will ensure that any parasites/ fungal infections that your pet has picked up is neutralised.