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The Boxer dog originated in Germany in the 19th century as a hunting mastiff dog and guard dog. The name “Boxer” either originated from their ancestor Bullenbeisser or their act of pawing (or “boxing”) at dog toys, bowls or pet parents (affectionately). The Boxer dog breed has a short coat in colours like fawn and brindle and sometimes, white markings. They are large, muscular, athletic and square-headed with a short nose. Boxers are usually friendly, playful and childlike. They often jump or do a “kidney bean” dance when they are happy, where they twist their bodies into a semi-circle resembling a kidney bean. They also have one of the longest puppyhood stages of all dog breeds (they fully mature at 3 years of age). Which rightfully gives them the adorable nickname of “Peter Pan”.
They are legendary for their drools, patience and outgoing personality. They may be prone to snoring as they are a brachycephalic dog breed (with short snouts). Whether you are a new pet parent or planning to adopt a Boxer dog, here are the best dog products to give them a healthy and happy lifestyle.




fOOD FOR your boxer dogs

Like other large dog breeds, Boxer dog food should be a balanced mix of meat and vegetables that are formulated to meet their unique nutritional needs.
Boxer pups can be fed appropriate food from Farmina, Taste of the Wild or Acana.
Pups who are younger than 3.5 months need to be on starter food, such as Royal Canin and Arden Grange. For adult boxers, Royal Canin, Farmina and Taste of the Wild have excellent options.
Looking for the best dog food for Boxers? Try Farmina. Free from GMO and artificial preservatives, it is packed with meaty ingredients full of protein and vitamins that always puts Boxer dog’s health first.
Rich in meaty goodness, Acana is biologically appropriate and uses fresh & local ingredients, including free-run chicken or wild-caught fish. It perfectly mirrors your Boxer dog’s evolutionary diet, ensuring that they stay fit and healthy.
Always consult your vet before making any sudden changes to your dog’s diet or before introducing new dog treats. Introduce your Boxer to new food gradually over a week and not all at once. Replace 15% of his/her old food with new food, so there are no sudden shifts leading to an upset tummy.
Boxer Dogs

Royal Canin

Royal Canin Maxi Breed Adult Dry Dog Food



Acana Large Breed Dry Puppy Food



Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Lactating/Pregnan...



Orijen Six Fish Grain Free Dry Dog Food (All Br...


Nature’s HUG

Nature’s HUG Adult Maintenance Toy & Small Bree...



Farmina N&D Low Grain Medium & Maxi Breed Adult...



Signature Grain Zero Puppy Dry Food



Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Dry Dog Food For ...



IAMS Proactive Health for Adult (1.5+ Years) Pu...



Pedigree PRO Expert Nutrition Adult Small Breed...


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treats for your boxer dogs

Sara’s Doggie Treats

Sara’s Doggie Treats

Try Sara’s Treats dehydrated, slow-cooked dog treats, rich in vitamins, iron and antioxidants.
Made from 100% natural ingredients, these are grain-free and preservative-free, thus perfect for your Boxer dog.
starting from ₹ 249*

HUFT Yakies Vegetarian Natural Chew Bone

HUFT Yakies Vegetarian Natural Chew Bone

HUFT Yakies Vegetarian Natural Chew Bone

Yakies vegetarian chew treat is made from 100% natural yak’s milk. It is low fat, high in calcium and protein and gluten-free.
It also aids in dental health by strengthening your Boxer dog’s gums and teeth and is a healthier alternative to rawhide options.
starting from ₹ 99*

bowls for boxer dogs

Invest in a size-appropriate Slant Suction Bowl. It is anti-slip and features a silicone holder & mat to catch spilt food. We also recommend an Elevated Dog Bowl. A lot of boxers, due to breeding and genetics, may face neck pains or issues with the tongue bone (which is why for some boxers, their tongues are always hanging out), and an elevated bowl could help their posture and make eating easier.
Boxers can grow up to be fairly big dogs, so consider investing in a diner, to make it easy for them to eat from. Always have fresh water available. Remember to give your Boxer dog the appropriate amount of food so as not to underfeed or overfeed them.

Heads Up For Tails

HUFT White Pattern Slant Insert Bowl For Dogs


Outward Hound

Outward Hound (Nina Ottosson) Slow Fun Feeder S...


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Bon Appetit Dog Bowl


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Dot Embossed Black Dog Bowl


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Marble Finish Steel Dog & Cat Bowl


Outward Hound

Outward Hound (Nina Ottosson) Fun Feeder - Slow...


Outward Hound

Outward Hound (Nina Ottosson) Fun Feeder Mini -...


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Elevated Cocker Bowls


Outward Hound

Outward Hound (Nina Ottosson) Fun Feeder Mini -...



M-PETS Combi Double Bowl For Pets - Off White


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Boxers dog
All play, no work—Boxers live by this mantra. They are expressive, curious, high-energy dogs who are always up for a good time. From greeting you when you return home from work to running off with the remote, they love acting like puppies even after they grow up!
They are also highly intelligent and have their own way of doing things, which is why they need a lot of exercise.
Indulge them in a game of tug or fetch with Boxer dog toys such as Better Than Basics Dog Rope Toy, Twistee Toys and KONG Extreme Chew Dog Toy for strong pullers. These also scrape off plaque and tartar as they chew on them, thus aiding in dental health.
If your Boxer does not get enough physical or mental stimulation, he/she might get bored and resort to difficult behaviour. Introduce them to Interactive Toys or Snuffle Mats which keep them busy and leverage the use of their noses.

GROOM your boxer dog

Thanks to their short coat, Boxer dogs require minimal grooming. They are also known to groom themselves, like cats.
But they do shed and brushing them with a dog brush for Boxers makes sure that the situation doesn’t get too hairy.
Grooming your Boxer dogs increases their blood circulation and also allows you to bond with them. You can check them for ticks or fleas and any abnormalities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Use a dog brush for Boxers like the HUFT Silicon Pet Grooming Brush to dislodge shed fur from the coat.
The HUFT Natural Deep Cleansing and Deodorising Shampoo with plant-derived formula is an excellent choice for bathing.
Another important but ignored dog grooming routine is that of dental hygiene. Most Boxer dogs suffer from poor dental structures because their jaws and snout are shaped together. Unlike flat-shaped dogs for whom teeth cleaning can simply happen with bones, some Boxers may require daily brushing.
Brush your Boxer’s teeth with a dog toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure dental hygiene and keep tartar, plaque and possible severe dental issues at bay.

HUFT Tip: If you need help with grooming your Boxer dog, visit your nearest HUFT Spa for a professional grooming session.

Boxer Dog

Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs Everyday Silky Coating Dog Conditi...


Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs Everyday Lush Coating Dog Conditio...



Himalaya Erina Plus Coat Dog Cleanser with Cond...



Forcans Aloe Rinse Dog Conditioner - 750 ml


Pet Head

Pet Head Furtastic Cream Rinse Dog Conditioner ...


Skouts Honor

Skout's Honor Probiotic 2 in 1 Shampoo & Condit...


Skouts Honor

Skout's Honor Probiotic 2 in 1 Shampoo & Condit...


Skouts Honor

Skout's Honor Probiotic Conditioner For Dogs & ...


Pet Head

Pet Head Coconut Sensitive Soul Conditioner For...


Pet Head

Pet Head Furtastic Knot Detangler Watermelon Co...


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walk your boxers

Boxer dog breeds love running about, jumping with excitement and indulging in silly antics just for laughs.
Due to their hunting & tracking history, and an independent streak, they are naturally curious about their surroundings and other furry creatures in them.
As a pet parent, you should be alert when you are outdoors and invest in a sturdy Boxer dog harness such as HUFT Easy On Harness, Ruffwear or Active Pet dog harnesses to keep them close. These are easy to slip on, adjustable and perfectly durable for large dog breeds.
We do not recommend dog collars for Boxers, as pulling on collars can cause tremendous damage to the collar bone, neck and windpipe.
Walk them during the cooler parts of the day to avoid heatstroke in summers.
Monsoons are infamous for ticks and fleas and your Boxer dog isn’t immune to them. Spray an anti-tick and flea spray on them before stepping out, to prevent ticks or fleas from latching on. Spray the HUFT Fresh Paws Sanitiser (natural and non-alcoholic) after walks to ensure proper hygiene.
Consider Boxer dog clothes such as a raincoat to make walks easier during rains.
Opt for a personalised name tag that contains your dog’s name and your contact information. This is vital in case your Boxer dog gets separated from you and a rescuer needs to contact you.


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT X©Marvel 2.0 Avengers Printed Reversible D...


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT X© Disney 2.0 Jungle Book Reversible Dog H...


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Active Pet Dog Harness - Red


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Essentials Nylon Dog H-Harness - Yellow


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Classic Mesh Dog Harness - Blue


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Jungle Collection Pride Reversible Dog Har...


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Endless Joy Printed Dog Harness


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Easy On Dog Harness - Blue


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT Active Pet Dog Harness - Light Blue


Heads Up For Tails

HUFT X© Disney 2.0 Dalmatian Reversible Dog Har...


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KONG Wobbler Interactive Dog Toy
HUFT Curious Canine Snuffle Mat - Complex Level
HUFT Rope Toys
HUFT Yummy In My Tummy Apple & Banana Vegetarian Dog Biscuits - Gluten Free
HUFT Sara’s Treats



Boxer dog breeds are not meant to be outdoors for a long time. Their short nose and short hair make living in extremely hot or cold weather difficult. So, don’t let them play outside for too long. Offer them a cool environment indoors and a roomy lounger bed from HUFT or HUFT Marvel to relax in. Consider investing in an Orthopedic Bed for their joints as they grow older.
Boxer dogs can also be prone to hip dysplasia, so it’s advisable to keep fetching or running to a bare minimum. avoid excessive fetch and running around as it could lead to potential injuries.


  • Are Boxer dogs easy to train?

    Boxer dogs are intelligent, agile and responsive, making it easy to train them. Due to their military history, they are excellent at following instructions and love to lead as well as be led. But they also have a curious and independent streak, so your chances of training and socialising them will increase if you make it fun for them.

    Boxer dogs are also big, strong and easily excitable. They can accidentally knock you over because they are unable to control their actions.

    Which is why it is important to let them take training and socialisation seriously from a young age. They also need a lot of love, attention and stimulation to be their best versions.

    For instance, start with basic cues such as Sit and Stay, use dog treats for positive reinforcement when they listen to a cue and socialise them by letting them be around family/friends and depending on their preference, other dogs.

  • Are Boxer dogs good family dogs?

    Despite their military history and imposing demeanour, boxer dogs are goofy, fun-loving and there is never a dull moment around them! They are loyal, loving and instinctively protective of their loved ones. If socialised well from a young age, they make fantastic companions for families.

  • How do I use a dog brush for Boxers?

    Comb in the direction of hair growth and away from the skin. Work on the coat in sections to make it easier. Remove tangles gently, do not pull on the coat too hard as it will hurt your dog.

  • How often should I bathe my Boxer dog?

    During summers, you can bathe your Boxer once every 2-4 weeks as required. Bathing your dog is an excellent way to bond with them and check for skin problems or lumps that may otherwise go unnoticed. It also depends on where you live and how much dirt your pet’s coat collects.

    Practice a basic grooming routine to understand your dog’s coat better. In cities, due to pollution, a dog’s coat gets grimier much faster. So, a bath once in 15 days may be required. The type and length of your pet’s coat also plays a role here.

    If the weather is not cloudy, the coat may not dry well after a bath at home. On such occasions, make an appointment at a pet spa where professional dryers are used to ensure the skin and coat are completely dry post bath. Damp coats can lead to infections and irritation.

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