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Vitapol Economic Food For Guinea Pig - 1200 gms

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₹ 440.00
₹ 440.00

This feed contains a good mix of vegetables (including carrots, parsnips and beetroot) and fruit that contain minerals, vitamins and anthocyanins. It is made up of easily digestible pieces. Currant berries and parsley provide vitamin C while Bean flakes provide easily digestible protein

  • Product type: Food for Guinea Pigs
  • Contains a mix of vegetables and fruit
  • Includes Currant berries, parsley and Bean flakes
  • Please consult a vet before altering your pet's diet
  • Always have fresh water available for your pet
  • Clean out the remnants of the previous meal before serving a new one
  • Never feed above recommended quantities

HUFT Tip: Feeding your guinea pig in ceramic dishes is best. These are chew-resistant and more durable than plastic when it comes to a guinea pig enclosure. You only need to replace it if it cracks or chips. Remember to clean it every day.

Feeding Instructions: (This is just a guide, please check with your vet for specific quantities). Serve your Guinea pig approx. 35-50 g of food per day (this depends on your pet's weight, and age).

Wheat flour, grass brush, sourdough meal, lucerne brush, wheat, june0144, oatmeal, corn, bread, carrot, parsnip, beetroot, wheat, cornmeal, beans, linseed, yeast, redcurrant , parsley nau0107, linden, lentils, oats, carrot cake.

Additional Info:

  • Raw protein % (min):10,5
  • Raw fat % (min): 0,1
  • Raw fiber % (max): 14,1
  • Raw ash % (max): 5,84
  • Moisture % (max): 12