Heads Up For Tails Pets Spa

We opened our pet spas to make the grooming experience for every pet as relaxing as it should be. Trained professionals at our spas treat your pet gently throughout the groom. Inaddition to their grooming techniques, they are also trained to pick up on stress signals so they understand what your pet is uncomfortable with and find a way to minimise it.

Why Should You Book Your Pet In For A Spa Session?

Bringing your pet in is one way of ensuring that your pet’s grooming needs are taken care of despite your busy schedule. It’s also a great way to avoid the to trouble of messy baths at home. Gentle shampoos and conditioners, professional grooming tools and plenty of love (from snout to tail) will have your pet trotting out with a salon-smooth coat!

Our Services

We offer breed-specific grooming including a bath, blow-dry and a haircut. We also clip nails when required, clean ears and around the eyes. For a really special pampering, ask for the range of massages that we offer.

How Do You Book Your Pet For a Spa Session?

At the moment we have our pet spas in Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru. Call the number listed for your city to book your furry for a good clean!

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