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Best Birds & Small Animals Products: Food, Toys & More

Small or big, feathered or furry, all pet companions have specific requirements to help them lead full, enriched lives. Food, play and companionship are their basic needs. By serving specially formulated pet bird food or guinea pig food, you’re giving them a species-appropriate diet to fulfil their specific nutritional needs. Water is also essential and tools like the Drink Bottle from Savic make it easier to ensure that your pet is well hydrated.

Whether you’ve opened up your home to a rescued parrot or to a small animal, all companion animals need to have physical exercise and mental stimulation. This is a key part of their lives. Large parrot toys, exercise balls, funhouses and so on, are great tools to help with this. Birds enjoy keeping their beaks busy by tearing or biting into things and guinea pigs enjoy exploring through tunnels, obstacle courses and toys where food can be stuffed inside.

Just as these pets provide you with companionship, the same is required of you. Isolated from the rest of their species, they look to you as their family and forming a bond with them greatly improves their quality of life. Remember to do ample research on your pet companions so you can serve his or her needs better.

When we bring pet companions home, we begin a rewarding relationship where both want the best for the other. Taking care of their physical and emotional needs are key to helping them thrive as they live well-rounded, healthy and comfortable lives.

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