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GiGwi Push To Mute Dog Toy - Dinoball - Apatosaurus - Green

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The only snarls and growls you'll hear from the GiGwi Dinoball 'Push To Mute' is a timid little squeak that your pet is going to love! This highly durable chew is designed like a ball with a rubber handle and is made from thermoplastic rubber. It's the perfect toy for a dog who loves to chew. It features a strong nylon strap that allows you to control the squeak by pushing it in and still giving your pet an exciting toy without the squeak!

  • Squeaker toy for dogs
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Squeak can be muted when necessary
  • Made from thermoplastic rubber
  • We always recommend responsible pet parental supervision
  • Please replace in case of rips, tears or other damage
  • Please buy size-appropriate toys for your pet

HUFT Tip:Invest in toys based on your dog's character. If you have a young, highly energetic dog, buy them tough and durable toys to play with indoors and out. Make sure their chews are hardy and will last