Birds & Small Animals - Supplies


Best Pet Supplies for Birds and Small Animals

Guinea pigs and hamsters are easy to tame and make for lovely companions. Both are quite low maintenance but do have a few key requirements. Their food, water and a clean, comfortable environment are at the top of the list.

Their supplies including a feeding dish, toys and water bottle are generally housed within a safe and large enough enclosure. Remember to change the water in the bottle daily so your pet always has access to fresh and clean water.

We have everything that is commonly required by these small companions from guinea pig cages to efficient guinea pig &hamster water bottles. Inside the cage, you can place soft bedding that they can ‘burrow’ in to take naps. Pregnant guinea pigs tend to need more bedding to make a comfortable nest for the entire family.

Hamsters like to exercise their teeth and this is essential to trim them down to size. It’s a good idea to give them hamster-safe toys that they can chomp on. Hamster exercise balls are a great way for them to exert some energy within their cage. Guinea pig toys are also available and creating games where you can play with them are a great way to bond with your pet.