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HUFT Biscuits Combo - Vegetarian

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This combo consists of 1 each of:

1. HUFT Yummy In My Tummy Apple and Cinnamon Dog Biscuits - 320 gmsThis apple and cinnamon blend will stimulate your furry friend's taste buds like no other! Apples keep up the health quotient owing to vitamin C, calcium, vitamin K and pectin content while cinnamon adds that special burst of flavour which melts delightfully in your dog's mouth.

2. HUFT Yummy In My Tummy Pumpkin and Carrots Dog Biscuits - 320 gmsCarrots are something of a universal favourite with dogs and combat night blindness, obesity, anal gland problems and oral disorders in addition to boosting coat health and appearance. They go hand in hand with delicious pumpkin in this biscuit blend, where your little one enjoys enhanced immunity from digestive and urinary disorders. Oats are excellent for controlling blood cholesterol and fighting possible heart disease apart from being a rich source of fiber like whole wheat flour.

3. HUFT Yummy In My Tummy Banana and Oats Dog Biscuits - 320 gmsDrooling will be but natural courtesy this irresistible banana and peanut butter combo that will be a treat for your dog's taste buds. These premium dog biscuits are the perfect mix of good health and indulgence, containing whole wheat flour, oats, jaggery and the goodness of bananas among other ingredients.

4. HUFT Gluten Free Dog Biscuits - Apple & Banana - 320 gms: Give your dog some nutritious treats with the Yummy In My Tummy Apple & Banana dog cookies. These wheat-free treats are made using real fruit and high-quality human grade ingredients. There are no added sugars or artificial flavours in these treats.